1. You Think We Wrap Never write messages on cakes, we write them down on the greeting card if purchased or else it will be added on a customized hand written tags.
2. We do not offer time specific deliveries on events and on holidays.
– Eid
– New Year
– Mother’s Day
– Valentine’s Day etc.
3. Order received with incomplete or incorrect information will not be processed. You Think We Wrap does not accept any responsibility or costs for non-delivery to the intended recipient or losses in such circumstances.
4. If the destination/city selected on the website is different than the actual shipping city/address; You Think We Wrap will not accept any responsibility for non-delivery.
5. Orders time period of delivery would start once payment is received, not on the basis of the time when the order is placed. You need to message our team once payment is completed & rest our team will manage the rest.
6. Any order pending due to an incorrect address, phone number not responding or Receiver being unavailable will be considered as a closed case.
7. If a customer Logs in, make an account and save any information on the web, he/she would be treated as completely agree with our all terms of use and conditions.
8. You Think We Wrap do book or send anonymous gifts. However we require the names of the sender and the receiver both for internal data. Just mention to keep sender name anonymous and it will be taken care of.
9. Message given by sender instructions will be typed on the card / tag exactly as provided, including names and spellings.
10. For deliveries in public places such as hospitals and academic institutions, please provide an alternate number along with the actual number of the receiver. In case phone number is not responding or consignee being unavailable, it will be considered as a closed case. Full refund will not be issued in such cases.
11. We encourage and value your feedback and complaints.
12. If the receiver agrees to pick up order later, You Think We Wrap will not be responsible for the freshness of the product.
13. Orders may get late due to bad weather, traffic blockages, protests etc as deliveries are done via Bikes. However You Think We Wrap tries their best to get all orders delivered within Given time. If the Order gets late due to team own mistake, Delivery charges will get Free.
14. If the Rider team are made to wait an extended amount of time, especially in restricted/ high-security areas, You Think We Wrap will not be responsible for the freshness of the products due to such delays.
15. Out of City Orders are done via 3rd Party Courier Services. All deliveries are done between working hours & cannot be done on fix hour. However on requests, our team can mention on the package to get it delivered on specific time but it won’t be a guarantee.
16. If Out of City Orders get late due to courier Companies, You Think We Wrap does not take any responsibilities. However, if Order get late for more then 3 working days, Our team do compensate. You Think We Wrap always try to send packages out of city with a margin of a day so it doesn’t miss your Important days.

Refund Policy

1. If gift is delivered later than the selected delivery time (time specified delivery), due to weather conditions, law & order situation, any traffic conditions, and all sorts of unforeseen conditions, If the gift is delivered later than the selected delivery time (time specified delivery) due to any reason then the customer will be refunded only the extra delivery charges.
2. For perishable items such as flowers, cakes, chocolates, fruits and mithai, You Think We Wrap will deliver fresh products. However, if the Receiver is unavailable, first the sender and then the Receiver will be contacted. If the Receiver is still unavailable, then refund will not be entertained.
3. A customer cannot return the purchase once it is delivered. But if the product received is genuinely faulty, our team will replace the item or customer will be refunded a certain amount of the purchase. The Refund processing time is within 7 working days at maximum but usually, it takes approximately 2-3 working days. The time period depends upon the level of investigation involved for each case.
4. Order once placed cannot be refunded if delivery time is less then 48 hours delivery.
5. You Think We Wrap reserves all the rights to cancel any order.
6. A Customer can lodge a complaint within 3 days of product delivery. Any refund or purchase after 3 days of delivery would not be entertained. This include rotten or damaged products.

Our Products

1. All pictures you see are 90% our own except few such as cakes which are used from vendors photo shoot. Such Categories have the same products as well as they look. Products like gift baskets, boxes might look a bit different depending on stock & colour themes available.
2. Flowers and flower arrangements may vary slightly in terms of color and the types of flowers used, as per regional and seasonal availability.
3. You Think We Wrap reserves the right to offer substitute products in case of unavailability.
4. Any complaint regarding the “taste” of the eatables which is based on personal likes or dislikes will not be entertained unless the product is rotten.
5. If the product received is either rotten or damaged, you can take a picture and inbox it to You Think We Wrap Facebook page / instagram page @youthinkwewrap or whatsapp on +92 335 452 4728 along with your order details, within 24 hours of when your order is received. Otherwise, such complaints cannot be entertained.